Planning document library

Erebus ES Volume 3

Chapter 1 (Introduction) Appendix
Appendix 1.1 – EIA Project Team
Chapter 2 (Overview of EIA Methodology) Appendices
Appendix 2.1 – EIA Scoping Report
Appendix 2.2 – EIA Scoping Opinion
Appendix 2.3 – Consultation Report
Chapter 3 (Site Selection and Alternatives) Appendices
Chapter 4 (Proposed Development Description) Appendix
Appendix 4.1 – OCEMP
Chapter 5 (Policy and Legislation) Appendices
Chapter 6 (Marine & Coastal Processes) Appendix
Appendix 6.1 – Marine Processes Technical Annex
Chapter 7 (Marine Seabed and Water Quality) Appendices
Appendix 7.1 – WFD Assessment
Appendix 8.1 – Marine Conservation Zone Assessment
Appendix 8.2 – HRA Screening Report
Appendix 8.3 – HRA Report to Inform Appropriate Assessment
Appendix 7.2 – EMF Assessment
Chapter 9 (Marine and Coastal Ecology) Appendices
Appendix 9.1 – Geophysical & Environmental Final Survey Report
Appendix 9.2 – Environmental Baseline Survey Report
Appendix 9.3 – Intertidal Habitat Report 2020
Appendix 9.4 – Invasive Non-Native Species Plan
Chapter 10 (Fish and Shellfish Ecology) Appendix
Appendix 10.1 – Fish and Shellfish Baseline Report
Chapter 11 (Offshore Ornithology) Appendices
Appendix 11.1 – Offshore Ornithology Baseline Data
Appendix 11.2 – Apportioning
Appendix 11.3 – Collision Risk Modelling
Appendix 11.4 – Displacement Assessment
Appendix 11.5 – Population Viability Analysis
Appendix 11.6 – Digital Video Aerial Surveys of Seabirds and Marine Mammals: 2-Year Report
Chapter 12 (Marine Mammals) Appendices
Appendix 12.1 – Marine Mammal and Turtle Baseline Characterisation
Appendix 12.2 – Underwater Noise Assessment
Appendix 12.3 – Draft Marine Mammal Mitigation Plan
Chapter 13 (Seascape, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment) Appendix
Appendix 13.1 – SLVIA Methodology
Chapter 14 (Offshore Archaeology and Cultural Heritage) Appendices
Appendix 14.1 – Marine Archaeology Technical Report
Appendix 14.2 – Marine Archaeology Written Scheme of Investigation
Chapter 15 (Commercial Fisheries) Appendix
Appendix 15.1 – Commercial Fisheries Assessment 2021
Chapter 16 (Shipping and Navigation) Appendix
Appendix 16.1 – Navigation Risk Assessment
Chapter 17 (Aviation and Radar) Appendix
Appendix 17.1 – Aviation Impact Assessment
Chapter 19 (Onshore Geology, Hydrogeology and Hydrology) Appendices
Appendix 19.1 – Private Water Supply Assessment
Appendix 19.2 – Schedule of Watercourse Crossings
Appendix 19.3 – Flood Consequence Assessment
Appendix 19.4 – Drainage Assessment
Chapter 20 (Terrestrial and Coastal Ecology and Onshore Ornithology) Appendices
Appendix 20.1 – Onshore Ecological Desk Study
Appendix 20.2 – Preliminary Ecological Assessment
Appendix 20.3 – National Vegetation Classification Survey Report
Appendix 20.4 – Protected Species Report
Appendix 20.5 – Bat Survey Report
Appendix 20.6 – Dormouse Mitigation Strategy
Appendix 20.7 – Breeding Bird Survey
Appendix 20.8 – Wintering Bird Survey
Chapter 21 (Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment) Appendix
Appendix 21.1 – LANDMAP
Chapter 22 (Onshore Noise and Vibration) Appendix
Appendix 22.1 – Baseline Noise Survey and Calibration Certificates
Chapter 25 (Traffic and Transport) Appendices
Appendix 25.1 – Transport Assessment
Appendix 25.2 – Outline Construction Traffic Management Plan
Chapter 26 (Air Quality) Appendix
Appendix 26.1 – Construction Dust Risk Assessment
Chapter 27 (Socio-Economics, Tourism and Recreation) Appendix
Appendix 27.1 – Economic Assessment
Chapter 30 (Cumulative Effects) Appendix
Appendix 30.1 – Cumulative Effects Assessment Zones of Influence and Project Long-List

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