Floating Offshore Wind

A new generation of energy in the Celtic Sea

Harness More Wind

Almost 80% of the world’s wind resource is in water deeper than 60 metres

Less Visual Impact

Floating wind is further offshore meaning less visual impact and reduced conflict with other marine users

Meet Emissions Targets

Needed to meet the UK’s net-zero emissions targets and deliver on ambitions set by the Climate Change Committee

Opening up a whole new world of offshore renewables

The International Energy Agency estimates that floating wind turbines could help provide enough electricity to satisfy the world’s electricity needs 11 times over.

It is estimated by the ORE Catapult that the first GW of floating wind in the Celtic Sea could potentially deliver over 3,000 jobs and £682m in supply chain opportunities for Wales and Cornwall by 2030.

Studies suggest there is up to 50GW of attainable wind resource in the Celtic Sea.

A new energy partnership

Simply Blue Energy, a pioneering Celtic Sea energy developer, and Total, one of the world’s largest energy companies, have established a partnership to develop floating wind projects in waters of the Celtic Sea. The joint venture, Blue Gem Wind was announced in March 2020 and opens a new chapter in the development of offshore energy in the UK.


Erebus – A 96MW demonstration project

Blue Gem Wind will initially focus on a 96MW demonstration project 45 km offshore. The project, named Erebus after the famous ship built in Pembroke Dock will become one of the largest floating offshore wind projects in Europe when constructed in 2027. 

Erebus is the first project in a stepping stone approach to developing floating wind in the Celtic Sea. A series of subsequent projects, gradually increasing in size will enable the local supply chain to maximise opportunities before commercial size projects in the 2030’s.

Floating Wind in the Celtic Sea

Maximising local supply chain opportunities with a stepping stone approach

Sustainable Coastal Communities

First GW of floating wind in the Celtic Sea could deliver over 3000 jobs and £682 million in local supply chain opportunities  by 2030

Unlocking the Wind Resource

A study has identified 150 to 250 GW of wind resource in the Celtic Sea with approximately 50 GW attainable

A New Low Carbon Future

Delivering the Celtic Seas first offshore  floating wind project. Providing green energy to 89,488 homes per year


If you have any questions about our project or you are looking to work with Blue Gem Wind please get in touch. We have some FAQs that can be viewed here.