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You can read all our planning associated documents, planned survey activity, and details of upcoming public consultation events. Our current planned timeline of activity is detailed below. Please use the contact us page to get in touch and ask any questions you may have.

Erebus will be located approximately 45 km off the South West coast of Pembrokeshire

Planning for Erebus includes:

7 – 10 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) on WindFloat™ platforms, located off the Pembrokeshire coast

Offshore cable route back to landing point near Milford Haven
Onshore cable route from the landing point to a new substation, situated near the existing Pembroke Generating Station
Connection from the new substation to Pembroke Generating Station

The consents required for the project are expected to include:

Marine License

To be issued by Natural Resources Wales subject to approval.

Electricity Act Consent

A consent under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 with deemed planning permission – to be issued by the Welsh Government subject to approval.


Site Identification. Commencement of Preliminary Consent Process

Jun 2019

Submission of EIA Scoping Report to NRW

Oct 2019

Commencement of Bird and Marine Mammal surveys

Oct 2019

Receipt of EIA Scoping Opinion NRW

Jan 2020

Commencement of Offshore and Onshore Surveys

Jun 2020

Public Consultation Event

Nov 2020

Detailed Offshore and Onshore Surveys

May 2021

Public Consultation Event

Jul 2021

Preparation of Planning and Environmental Reports

Dec 2021

Commencement of Construction

Jan 2026

Commencement of Operation

Jan 2027

Planning & Consent Documents

EIA Scoping Report - Project Erebus
Screening and Scoping Opinion
Photomontage Floating Offshore Wind Farm at 45km
Approach to HRA and MCZ Risk Assessment
Ornithology Protected Species Scoped within Study Area

EIA Scoping Report - Project Valorous

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