Recovery of Moorings

An attempt to recover two moorings, estimated to be located within the approx. locations below, will be undertaken between January 2022 and March 2022 subject to a suitable weather window.

A further NtM will be issued to confirm the outcome of the recovery attempt.

A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) will be deployed to identify the moorings. The moorings will then be brought to deck and transported to shore.

Wave Buoy Mooring
Before the start of the ROV operation:
• The vessel will run survey lines between the original location and recovery position (see coordinates below).
ROV search locations
• 51 °28’35.34”N 5 °36’8.10”W (original location)
• 51 °28’37.44”N 5 °36’11.04”W (potential recovery position)

Damaged Mooring
ROV search locations:
• 51 °27’45.29”N 5 °37’7.32”W (original location)
• 51 °27’45.10”N 5 °36’39.66”W (estimated release position)
In case the mooring system cannot be found at the locations listed above, a survey will be completed within the search area (coordinated provided in Section2)

These locations identified will be surveyed to ensure all potential known locations have been searched.

It is recommended that mariners continue to remain vigilant and make note of the approximate mooring locations below.

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