Planned Activity

A marine vessel traffic survey is due to be undertaken of the proposed Erebus Floating Offshore Wind Farm (FLOW) project. The survey will be undertaken from one survey vessel, ROVER ALPHA, and will involve the collection of data of detected vessels and marine users within the survey area through use of onboard radar, AIS and visual survey methods.

The survey will collect data within the proposed main offshore array area (circa 43.5km2) and the offshore export cable route corridor (nominal 450m width) together with a buffer of up to 10km. The extent of the area in which the survey vessel may be located during the survey is shown in the attached figure with accompanying coordinates. The survey vessel will roam and/or remain on a nominal station within this area for an approximately 14 day duration depending on weather conditions. Dates may be subject to change. The survey vessel will operate on a 24hr basis and display appropriate day shapes and lights at all times during operations.