Planned Activity

Project Erebus Floating Offshore Wind Farm – Notice to Mariners

Update: Please note the Voe Vanguard has now completed works and has de mobilised.
The remaining work for this survey is currently underway on the export cable and array area, having started on the 19th April 2023. The remaining work will be undertaken by the vessels Fugro Scout operated by the survey contractor – Fugro. Vessel details are provided below. The vessel is currently in port at Holyhead and is expected to resume work on 11th May.
The remaining survey is anticipated to last for an approximate duration of 16 days. The second phase will utilise the vessel Fugro Scout, with works expected to be completed by 27th May 2023. These timings are weather dependent and may be subject to change.
During the survey campaign, vessels will be deploying underwater Cone Penetration Test / Vibrocore equipment / rotary borehole drilling. During these times the vessels will have restricted ability to manoeuvre and therefore all other vessels are requested to fully comply with COLREGS obligations in respect of this.
For the extent of the planned geotechnical survey a wider working area (500m radius from the sample location) is expected to account for vessel movement/location/turning radius etc.
The survey will cover the main offshore array areas and cable corridor. The extent of the planned survey is shown in the attached figure. Coordinates of the offshore array and cable corridor are also provided below.