Redeployment and Operation Floating LiDAR System

To inform the engineering designs and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for the proposed Valorous Floating Offshore Wind Farm (FLOW), a Floating LiDAR and associated mooring system has been successfully redeployed within the boundary of the proposed Valorous Floating Offshore Wind Farm (FLOW) project site.

The Floating LiDAR is maintained in position via appropriate mooring systems. The Floating LiDAR will remain at the location listed below for a 11-month period. Details of the device and relevant Aids to Navigation are provided below.

All vessels are requested to always maintain a safe distance (100m) from the Floating LiDAR. The Floating LiDAR equipment will undergo regular scheduled maintenance during the operation period, further notice to mariners will be issued confirming the dates and maintenance activities.

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