Retrieval of Floating LiDAR System

The Floating LiDAR System, located within the proposed Valorous Floating Offshore Wind Farm (FLOW) project site, is located at its original deployment location provided below:

• 51°20.659’ N, 005°40.694’ W

Due to an unsuccessful recovery attempt on 22nd December 2021 (Valorous/001 v7.0), the Floating LiDAR System has remained capsized. However, it is still connected to the mooring system and remains in place at the location above.

Preparations are being made to recover the floating LiDAR, this operation will take place as soon as possible and when it is safe to do so. The current expectation is that the recovery attempt will be undertaken between the 13 – 16 January 2022; However, this is weather permitting.

There are currently 3 Vessel options to undertake the recovery operation of the floating LiDAR, the preferred vessel being the Wilendeavour from Williams Shipping, but other options could include Wilchallenger (William Shipping) or Maggie M. Vessel details are listed in more detail below (see Section 5).

There are currently 2 scenarios for the recovery operation. Which scenario is undertaken is based on the weather/sea conditions at the time of operation:

Plan A: The floating LiDAR, including full mooring and clump weight, will be bought on board the vessel to sail to harbour (Milford).
Plan B The floating LiDAR will be towed to harbour (Milford). The full mooring and clump weight would be fully recovered.

Details of the device and relevant Aids to Navigation are provided below for information however please note that the communication system is still down and that the device is currently capsized.

For further details click on the link below: