100MW Test & Demonstration project in the Celtic Sea

Independent studies have suggested there could be as much as 50GW of electricity capacity available in the Celtic Sea waters of the UK and Ireland. This renewable energy resource could play a key role in the UK meeting the 2050 Net-Zero target required to mitigate climate change. Erebus, the first floating offshore wind project in the Celtic Sea will provide new low carbon supply chain opportunities, support coastal communities and create long-term benefits for the region.

Low carbon power generation

Erebus 100MW = 93,217 homes powered per year

Reducing carbon emissions

Saving 151,767 tonnes of carbon emissions per year

Robust technology

Operational life of floating wind farm = 25 years

Launching Floating Wind Platform

Stepping stones to assist the local supply chain

We believe a stepping stone approach to floating wind in the Celtic Sea will provide the UK supply chain with the best opportunity to engage in this new exciting sector, maximising local supply chain content and jobs. This means starting with smaller demonstration projects before moving incrementally to larger commercial scale projects in the 2030s.

Blue Gem Wind will initially focus on a 100MW demonstration project, Erebus

The project, named after the famous ship, built in Pembroke Dock in 1826 will become one of the largest floating offshore wind projects in the world when constructed in 2026. Please visit our planning page for more information.

HMS Erebus was built in 1826 at the Royal Navy Dockyard in Pembroke Dock. She was the second vessel in the Royal Navy to be named after Erebus, the dark region of Hades in Greek mythology and was the last but one of warships known as bomb vessels, their design allowing them to “fling” shells over coastal defenses. After two years of Navy use in the Mediterranean, Erebus began her life as an exploration vessel in both Antarctica and the Arctic discovering and shaping our understanding of the cold frontiers.In 1848, the Franklin expedition’s two ships, H.M.S. Erebus and H.M.S. Terror, disappeared with all their crew while searching for the Northwest Passage. Their fate is one of the enduring mysteries of the age of exploration. Numerous expeditions were sent out to find them, numerous theories proposed to explain what happened. Dark rumours of cannibalism only made the mystery more compelling. It wasn’t until 2014 that a Canadian mission, equipped with all the latest marine archaeological equipment, located ErebusTerror was discovered two years later.

Anatomy of a floating wind turbine

Whilst the turbine manufacturer has not yet been decided, we are working with Principle Power Inc who will provide the floating platforms and project support. Principle Power’s Windfloat® is one of the most advanced floating technologies in the world.

Floating Wind Platform Anatomy

Online Exhibition

From July 12th to August 29th we are carrying out our second Project Erebus public exhibition and consultation. We hope you take the opportunity to tell us your thoughts on Wales’ first floating offshore wind project. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are continuing with a virtual approach to our exhibition and consultation. However, we will also be carrying out two in-person events at Hundleton Church Hall, 14th July (2 pm–6 pm) followed by a second on 29th July in Angle Village Hall (2 pm–7 pm).

Please do contact us through if you have any questions or feedback once the formal consultation period has closed.


Sustainable Coastal Communities

First GW of floating wind in the Celtic Sea could deliver over 3000 jobs and £682 million in local supply chain opportunities  by 2030

Unlocking the Wind Resource

A study has identified 150 to 250 GW of wind resource in the Celtic Sea with approximately 50 GW attainable

A New Low Carbon Future

Delivering the Celtic Seas first offshore  floating wind project. Providing green energy to 93,217 homes per year

Supporting Welsh and UK Government policies including:

Net Zero 2050 target / Climate Emergency / UK Industrial Strategy / UK Clean Growth Strategy / Well Being of the Future Generations Act / Environment Wales Act / Welsh National Marine Plan.

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