Blue Gem Wind, the joint venture between Total, one of the world’s largest energy companies, and Simply Blue Energy, a pioneering Celtic Sea blue economy developer has launched an online supply chain database for its Erebus project.

The database will enable onshore and offshore suppliers to add their company details, services and record their capabilities.

David Jones, Stakeholder Manager, said, “We would like to encourage all relevant businesses to visit the Blue Gem Wind website, in particular our supply chain opportunities section where you will find high level timelines for the Erebus project. This will help you to understand when your skills and services may be required and is the best way for you to detail how your capabilities match the project needs.”

The online database also details the companies that have been awarded contracts to date, from project principal designer through to communications and branding. Blue Gem Wind are taking a stepping stone approach to developing floating wind in the Celtic Sea as they believe moving from an initial demonstration project, to larger projects increasing in size, will capture the highest local supply chain content.

Hugh Kelly, Project Managing Director, added “We are delighted that in over £10M of contracts awarded to date, the UK content is 85%. This demonstrates UK skills in project development and our approach to maximising local content where we can.”

In a recent report, the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult has advised that there could be as much as 50GW of electricity capacity available in the Celtic Sea in Irish and UK waters. It is estimated by the Catapult that the first GW in the Celtic Sea, could potentially deliver over 3,000 jobs and £682m in supply chain opportunities for Wales and Cornwall by 2030.