Blue Gem Wind, the joint venture between TotalEnergies, one of the world’s largest energy companies, and Simply Blue Group has launched a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) focussed education programme and competition to work with local primary school students.

David Jones, Stakeholder Manager at Blue Gem Wind, explained, “Collaborating with PCF and Marine Energy Wales we have developed a number of educational resources aimed at working with primary school students on climate change and the things we can do to minimise the impacts. We are leaving the future generations with some incredibly difficult challenges ahead and are passionate about delivering this education programme in local schools.”

Lesson materials that have been designed to support the New Curriculum for Wales include an animation entitled “The Seagull & the Storm”, which follows Roisín Renewables and her friend the Seagull as they learn about fossil fuels and their impacts on climate around the world.

Tim Brew, Education Manager, PCF said,These resources will help children to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and how renewable energy will play an important part in their future. Pembrokeshire is well placed to make the transition to renewable energy, STEM education has a key role to play so our local communities can benefit from this and enable our young people to pursue careers with companies such as Blue Gem Wind in the future”.

Mike Scott, Project Managing Director at Blue Gem Wind, added,We would also like to support the delivery of the education programme by offering Blue Gem Wind engineers or scientists to join the class and look forward to launching the competition to name the offshore floating wind platforms for our Erebus project.”

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