Planned Activity

A geophysical survey is due to be undertaken of the proposed Erebus Floating Offshore Wind Farm (FLOW) project. The survey will involve the use of Multibeam Echosounder (MBES), Sidescan Sonar (SSS), Sub-Bottom profiler (SBP) and Magnetometer equipment, some of which will be towed sub-surface astern of the vessels. The survey will cover the main offshore array areas, plus 1km buffer and the proposed export cable corridor (450m width). Closer to shore, the survey corridor will split to cover four potential landfalls. The extent of the planned survey is shown in the downloads below. Coordinates of the offshore array (and buffer) and export cable survey corridor are also provided. The work will be undertaken by two vessels, operated by the survey contractor, Rovco. Estimated start date is 15/08/20. Estimated completion date is 29/09/20.