Planned Activity

This Notice to Mariners provides further information on the following:

– The damaged mooring of the Project Erebus Wave Buoy (awaiting recovery)
– Notification that the AIS transponder on the floating LiDAR has been fixed

The recovery of the damaged mooring of the Project Erebus Wave Buoy was unable to take place between the 30 November –04 December 2020, as per NtM003 v8.0 (issued 29/11/20). The Wave Buoy which had broken free of the mooring has successfully been recovered and redeployed. However, the mooring remains in the approximate location listed below.

The damaged mooring will remain in place until it can be recovered. A further NtM will be issued when revised dates for the recovery operations are confirmed.

It is recommended that mariners remain vigilant and make note of the approximate mooring location below

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