Planned Activity

Maintenance to the floating LiDAR will take place between the 20/03/2021 and 27/03/2021.

The floating LiDAR will be towed to Pembroke on the 20/03/2021 and the maintenance will be conducted onshore. The floating LiDAR’s mooring and clump weight will also be recovered.

Once the maintenance work is complete, the floating LiDAR will be towed back to site and redeployed with the mooring and clump weight. Redeployment is expected to take place on the 22/03/2021 however, to offer flexibility (and weather allowance) an estimated completion date has been provided (27/03/2021).

The floating LiDAR has the following identifiable features:
– Yellow in colour – FI (5) Y 20s light (5 nm range)
– Yellow ‘X’ shaped topmark – Flash rate not exceeding 30 per minute


– see link below for further detail.