Planned Activity

 Recovery of the floating LiDAR, located at the location listed below, will take place between the 08/09/2021 and 11/09/2021.
There are currently 2 scenarios for the recovery operation. Which scenario is undertaken is based on the weather/sea
conditions at the time of operation:

Plan A: The floating LiDAR will be towed to harbour (Milford). The full mooring and clump weight would be fully recovered.

Plan B: The floating LiDAR, including fulling mooring and clump weight, will be bought on board the vessel to sail to harbour (Milford).

The floating LiDAR has the following identifiable features:
– Yellow in colour
– FI (5) Y 20s light (5 nm range)
– Yellow ‘X’ shaped topmark
– Flash rate not exceeding 30 per minute

The Wave Buoy will be continued to be deployed at the location below.

The Wave Buoy has the following identifiable features:
– Yellow in colour
– Fl (5) Y 20s light (2-3nm range)
– Flash rate not exceeding 30 per minute

As per Erebus/003 v15.0 (issued on the 31 August 2021) the damaged mooring from the original wave buoy location remains in the approximate location listed below.

An attempt to recovery the damaged mooring will take place on the 02/09/2021 or 03/09/2021, if unable to recover due to weather, a second attempt will be carried out on the 12/09/2021.

A further NtM will be issued to confirm if the recovery has been successful.

A Remotely Operated Vehicle will be deployed to identify the mooring. The mooring will then be bought to deck and transported to shore.

It is recommended that mariners continue to remain vigilant and make note of the approximate mooring location.

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